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Fighting hunger and poverty in the north for more than 2 decades!

The Hay River Soup Kitchen strives to help educate and encourage employment with the help of local professionals and instructors by providing some basic educational entry level employment courses, as well as some education in basic life, and social skills. 


We also work with local businesses and the community at large to provide for social gatherings, and events, and help to raise awareness on the issues of fighting  hunger, poverty, and homelessness in the north, and the issues those in need face while living in such an isolated area, in many cases, on a low, or fixed income.

Sincere thanks to the many businesses, organizations, and kindhearted people that continue to show their generosity, support, and kindness.  It is through your hard work, dedication, and kindness that the Hay River Soup Kitchen is able to continue to help those in Hay River, and our surrounding communities.
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