Flood Evacuation Preparedness (FAQ)

Flood Evacuation Preparedness Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) May 2, 2020 Update

Do I Need to Register During an Evacuation?

Yes – by phone at 833-699-0188 or at Hay River Community Centre (Recreation Centre) Residents can prepopulate a Registration Form in advance (www.hayriver.com/breakup)

When Do I Need to Register?

Immediately after an Evacuation Order has been issued COVID safe practices are in place to protect evacuees and staff

Where Will I be Accommodated at?

A three tier accommodation plan is in place for evacuees. Accommodation assignments will be determined at check-in at Registration Centre once activated.

Hotel rooms must be assigned through the Registration Centre in order for accommodation costs to be covered.

Personal hotel and accommodation arrangements will not be reimbursable Hay River Hotels

Available hotels will be assigned to evacuees using a prioritisation framework at the Registration Centre

There are no costs for evacuees when booked through Registration Centre Community Centre RV Park

An RV Park has been setup at the Hay River Community Centre.

Pre setup is now available. Please call 833-699-0188 to arrange a setup time.

Community Centre RV park has 20amp powered circuits, potable water jug fill station, refuse disposal.

RV sewer dump available at the Visitor Information Centre

Yellowknife – Explorer Hotel

Rooms have been arranged at the Explorer Hotel for evacuees

Rooms will be assigned to evacuees through the Registration Centre

Transportation arrangements are in place for air travel. Personal vehicle travel is accepted – compensation for fuel charges will be made. What do I do with my pets?

Bring your pets with you. Bring a kennel and leash.

Recommendation is for residents to foster their pets with friends and family off-island if possible

We have attempted to prioritize those with pets into local accommodations that accept pets

Those who are assigned to Yellowknife for accommodations can drive with pets or fly on the arranged flights but must have pets in the kennel

What transportation is available from Vale Island and West Channel during an evacuation?

Transportation from Vale Island and West Channel can be arranged for those with mobility issues and no-vehicular transportation. Contact the Registration Centre at 833-699-0188 to arrange for pickup if an Evacuation Order is issued.

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