Hay Breakup 2020

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Breakup Report for Friday, May 1, 2020 14:00

Breakup is still moving along a little quicker now with breakup starting to happen at the border. Water levels above the border remain high with the Chinchauga still running at about 1.7 meters . Weather for the few days High Level area is presently warm and is showing a temperature of +13 today and rising to plus 15 on Saturday, plus 17 Sunday and plus 16 on Monday. Hay River area will be cooler at plus 3 today, plus 10 on Saturday, plus 9 Sunday and down to plus 4 on Monday with some showers. Water Levels The Chinchauga is presently sitting at about 1.7 meters and holding at that height. Meander River has broken up and levels in that area are holding at around 7 meters. The meters there are showning a bit of a drop The Hay River at the Zama turnoff has broken up. Steen River is showing a height of about 3.8 meters and fluctuating The water levels at the NWT Alberta Border are rising slowly, and it is starting to breakup as of this morning There is fair snowmelt at the falls, and levels are rising and water at this time is flowing at about 450 cm/s. Paradise Valley is showing melt, and levels are rising slowly. It has been reported that there is some cracking of ice in that area. The water levels in Hay River are rising slowly. There is water gathering on top of the ice on the West Channel, and the East Channel has seen some snow melt but is still holding firm. The fact that the temperatures to the south of us are considerably warmer than local temperatures is still concerning in the effect that our ice is not deteriorating very well as of yet. We do expect to see things start to pick up over the next few days along the watershed and will give updates as they do. Your EMO Team would like to remind you to ensure you are prepared for the possibility of an evacuation of the Old Town and Vale Island. EMO personnel are monitoring the situation and will continue to advise of conditions as they develop.

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