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Community Center RV Park Open for Early Setup

Temporary RV Park for Evacuees

A temporary RV Park is being setup at the Hay River Community Center (Recreation Center) as part of the river breakup evacuation accommodation plan. To minimize transport and setup times associated with any potential evacuation, Vale Island and West Channel residents with RVs are invited to an early setup. The Park will open at 9am Friday, May 1st. Camping will not be permitted unless an evacuation order is issued. Campers who would like to park their RV early are asked to contact the Registration Center at 833-699-0188 to arrange a time to park. The Community Center RV Park services include 20amp powered circuits, a potable water jug fill station, trash disposal, and periodic security checks. There is no cost associated with use of the RV Park. RV sewer dump will be available at the Visitor Information Center. COVID safe practices and Park rules will be provided upon registration. All campers must register through the Registration Center if an evacuation order is issued. Town of Hay River accepts no liability for use of the Park. Campers should be cognitive of risks of freezing temperatures on water lines and other equipment and supplies.

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