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Hay River Breakup Evacuation Notice Issued April 29, 2020

An Evacuation Notice is being issued for Vale Island residents within the town of Hay River due to the risk of river flooding.

This is a precautionary notice. Residents will receive Evacuation Alerts and/or an Evacuation Order if they become necessary.

An Evacuation Order would be issued through the following outlets:


Town of Hay River Emergency Measures Email Subscription Service


Hay River Community Radio CKHR-FM 107.3MHz

Hay River Fire Department vehicles’ public address system

and the NWT Alert Ready (cell message) system

Residents should now prepare their households for a potential evacuation in accordance with Town of Hay River Household Preparedness guidelines previously delivered door-to-door and available online at www.hayriver.com/breakup/ .

For Town of Hay River updates on river breakup activity, visit or call: - www.facebook.com/Townofhayriver/ - www.hayriver.com/breakup/ - Emergency Measures Phone System 833-699-0188

For more information on this Evacuation Notice, please contact Town Hall at 867-874-6522.

Glenn Smith Assistant Senior Administrative Officer Town of Hay River

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